About Odilon

Hi guys, I’m Odilon, Odilon Dior. Not your regular fluffy panda bear. Through the week I’m a business owner, I own a clothing brand, 4 car washes, a rental company for electric cars and some nightclubs. And in the weekends, I love to hang out in my own clubs. Not that I’m working there, therefor I have employees, but: “a little party never killed nobody.”

I must admit, I’m a real party animal. Hahaha, party ‘animal’, do you get it? Because I’m a panda.

Yeah… I’m a funny guy.

I have a weak spot for girls, especially Asian girls, which isn’t that weird since I’m a panda. I like girls more than bamboo, for real. (Btw, if you’re a girl reading this, slide in my DM’s on Instagram @Odilondior, maybe we can have a date)

I’m a real hustler when it comes to my businesses. Failure is not an option. At least, admitting that I failed is not an option. I have an ego, an enormous ego. That’s how my friends would describe me.


Why I started a merch line?

That’s a good question. I started this clothing brand for all the boys that came to my nightclubs and didn’t get chicks. Yeah, that’s right, fine feathers make fine birds. Girls like good-looking guys that are well-dressed. Here’s your chance to impress.

And guys, if you see a girl wearing my merch, at least you have something to start the conversation with. Go out and try it, you won’t regret.